The Universal Mind

by Ben & Diana
May 24, 2019
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The Great Divine Reality doesn’t know itself. To know itself, it creates the Universal Mind. The Universal Mind is the universal mirror. The Great Reality contemplates itself in the mirror of the Universal Mind. More simply: the Spirit contemplates itself in the mind. It contemplates itself in the stars, in the planets, it sees itself in the galaxies, in the atom.

The Great Reality contemplates itself in the form of each thing, like when you are going out on the street, you look at yourself in the mirror, you fix yourself up, you contemplate yourself to go out. Then the Great Reality establishes a relationship with the Universal Mind, with the mirror, and seeing itself in the mirror, begins to know itself. And as you know yourself, the Soul is born.

In other words, the Soul is the result of the Great Reality that has been contemplated in the mirror of the Universal Mind.

Because God contemplates himself in his creation, and from that exchange between the image and what he has inside, between the Spirit and the image, a comprehension, which is called Soul, is born. In other words, that which is of God that’s sent forth toward creation is called centrifugal force, and what comes from the outside to the inside is called centripetal force. Between centrifugal force and centripetal force, the Soul is born.

That’s why the Soul is partly divine and partly human. That’s why the Soul is created, and can be lost. That’s why not everyone has a Soul. You have to create the Soul.

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