The Solar Hero of all ages

by Ben & Diana
February 5, 2016
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The Intimate Christ, the Heavenly Fire, must be born within us and, indeed, He is born when we have advanced sufficiently in the psychological work.

From our psychological nature, the Intimate Christ must eliminate the very causes of error, the Causal ā€œIā€™s.ā€

As long as the Intimate Christ has not been born within us, the dissolution of the causes of the ego would not be possible.

The Living and Philosophical Fire, the Intimate Christ, is the Fire of the Fire, the Purest of the Pure.

Fire envelopes and bathes us totally; it comes to us through the air, through water, and through the earth itself.  These are its preservers and its diverse vehicles.

The Heavenly Fire must crystallize within us.  It is the Intimate Christ, our profound innermost Savior.

The Intimate Lord must take charge of our psyche, the five cylinders of the organic machine, all of our mental, emotional, motor, instinctual, and sexual processes.

Christ is the Solar Logos, the Perfect Multiple Unity.  Christ is life which beats throughout the entire universe.  Christ is what is, what always has been, and what shall always be.

– Samael Aun Weor

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