Sacrifice means to serve humanity

by Ben & Diana
June 7, 2019
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Sacrifice always means transformation, and transformation means one thing changes into another, something dies, and something is born. All of nature is an example of sacrifice. Creation is a great sacrifice.

But if we understand sacrifice for humanity to mean giving lectures and forming groups, that is a very limited concept. There are people who sacrifice and no one sees, no one knows, and these people are behind the ones we see, but these people work much more than the person who appears up in front giving a lecture.

Sacrifice is united to the death of our psychological defects, and to the transmutation of the sexual energy. We always say it is necessary to die in defects, it is necessary to be born for a second time and sacrifice for humanity is always placed lastly as if it were less important. And the truth is something else completely: there is no psychological death without sacrifice, and there is no second birth without sacrifice.

Sacrifice means to serve humanity, with whom we are irremediably linked, united; we cannot escape that we are one with humanity. In other words, sacrifice means to serve humanity. If I do something wrong within myself, I am doing it to humanity, too; if I do something good within myself, I am doing it to humanity, too…

…I cannot change the world outside if the world within does not change. This is called sacrifice for humanity. In other words, the true sacrifice for humanity is my own transformation that becomes an example in life for others. The precept does not teach, what teaches is the example…

…Conscious happiness is from within. Unconscious, mechanical happiness is from outside; it depends on an object, a thing. Happiness from within comes from God. If we love God, no one can steal that from us. That is the happiness we must teach people.

…If a person lived in Nirvana, in the most elevated, spiritual place, but does not have God inside, he would not be happy. And if that same person lived someplace in the Infernos, in a nasty prison in the depths of the abyss, but has God inside, they would be happy. That is, the important thing is not to be in heaven or hell or here; the important thing is to have God inside.

In other words, happiness is to have God within. Pay attention! I am defining what happiness is; happiness is to have God within. The situation we are living is not so important, what’s happening around you is not so important, the most important thing is what is happening within you in relation with God, in relation with the Being. Psychological death, sexual transmutation, and sacrifice is to search for God within.

We must learn to love God, the Being, with all our body, with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our soul, with all our spirit. It must become a priority, the most important thing in our life is that love towards the inner divinity.

We must love our Being, our inner God, desperately, as the single most important thing there is. By loving we transmute, and by loving we die in defects, and by loving we sacrifice for humanity, and by loving we find happiness no one can steal, it will always be for us.


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