Without a law, there is no order for the cosmos
April 15, 2018 Ben & Diana

For a creation to exist, it has to be sustained by a law. Without a law, there is no order for the cosmos, since there is no one able to follow a guideline that allows the cosmos to subsist. It is necessary that the cosmos subsist so that the infinitude that sustains it all can be unfolded into a creation that allows the Beings to send their sparks to continue expanding the consciousness of what we denominate God. If a means is not created, there is no one who can incarnate, so this will continue to be a chaos, the chaos above. The creation should be structured and sustained. This is the job of the lords of the great law, the masters of karma, the cosmocrators of each planet, those in charge of each solar system, the regents of each galaxy, etc. They are, in some way, the Demiurge that sustains this creation. What makes no sense is to be identified with this creation. The Christ comes to liberate us from it. And this is the great difference between Orthodoxy and Gnosticism. Orthodoxy creates a religion according to the demiurge, a religion in which it is necessary to behave “good” in accordance with the demiurge. But, to behave according to the demiurge, is not to be liberated from the demiurge. Hence, what the gnostic seeks is to incarnate a force that is beyond the demiurge, that comes from the domain of the Pleroma (the region of departure of the Christ, beyond relativity). This is from where the Salvator Salvandus emerges, traverses the demiurge, and incarnates in the soul to live the entire process, his entire inner Holy Week, until the diabolical powers of the ego end up crucifying and killing him.