Gnostic groups are not formed by common people

Gnostic groups are not formed by common people
April 14, 2018 Ben & Diana

Regarding the second part of “The Experience of Astral Travel and the Death of the Ego” I was reflecting today that this is the third time I have publicly presented a topic about astral travel like this, something that is taboo in our Gnostic world not to say prohibited, owing to what it means to bear witness to such an experience.

I remember the first time we did it with a group of missionaries in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States; we wanted to simply present a topic like this to all the Gnostic brethren in that area, and it was a great success.

We broke all the patterns, and I recall that I spoke there about my astral experiences, and other missionaries also shared their own astral experiences with everyone.

The atmosphere was full, loaded with enthusiasm, incredible. The people needed to feel this. All of us left that lecture quite content and we conjured the fear of presenting topics like this which belong, without a doubt, to the intimacy of each person who has experienced it.

After many years I repeated this on a trip to Australia, to the city of Perth, which is the only time we have visited that part of the world. We stayed in Australia for 21-22 days. It is the longest spiritual retreat we have ever done; it was intense, and we dedicated some days to sharing and speaking about our own astral experiences without entering into themes that might hurt, bother, or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Then, like in Chicago, the same thing transpired.

I remember that among the many things that we commented about in the city of Perth, I said that when you are outside of the physical body, in the astral, and you want to help another person to go out in the astral body, you extend your hand to him (I have done it). When I pulled that person by the hand to take him out of the body, the person was so light, his astral body was so light, it was like a piece of paper. And right there in the meeting, I then asked them to get me a piece of paper, I grabbed the piece of paper and I held it with two fingers. “This is how light the astral body is,” I said to them. I let the paper go into the air so that they could realize how light the astral body is.

If you know you are in the astral body, you realize that you are light, as light as a piece of paper. Yet if you are not conscious, you keep on thinking that you weigh 80 kilos, or 70 kilos, and then you do not y, you do not pass through walls, you do not levitate; you cannot make the most of everything the astral body is capable of carrying out.

I recall very well what a well-marked example that was there, to be able to realize how much the mind can in influence an astral experience; how difficult it is to awaken, how difficult it is to become conscious that you are outside of the physical body and that you no longer weigh 70 or 90 kilos. The mind can do so much!

Among other things during the visit to Australia, we also spoke about everything that was related to the time of Lemuria, and I also recounted my experiences about that topic.

Another thing I want to mention, as a reflection to open this second part, is about the Gnostic groups, the Gnostic community in general, about what the whole International Gnostic Movement is.

We can think that the Gnostic groups, the Gnostic Movement, the Army of World Salvation, as the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor called it, is made up only of “common people,” simple people, ordinary people: the hairdressers, housewives, laborers, intellectuals, lawyers, people who have nothing to do with the lives of saints, prophets, clairvoyants, Jinns, etc. And therefore, Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, as the Avatar, only came to gather a cargo of little importance, with the purpose of taking these “common people” of humanity to an Exodus and later on to the Golden Age.

To this, I can say otherwise, and it does not matter what the name of the Gnostic institution may be. I think that Gnostic groups are not formed by “common people,” but rather by “very special people,” at least an important part of the Gnostic Movement, by people who have obtained values in the past from their incarnations, who have been part of heroic, liberating deeds in different nations, in spiritual movements, in art, in philosophy. The Gnostic Movement is composed of a multitude of souls, of fallen Bodhisattvas, of people who already bring certain values.

No one would remain within the Gnostic Movement if they did not have certain very necessary spiritual values, spiritual values that are obtained from service or sacrifice for humanity, conquered from other existences. It is diffcult to be able to enter and remain in the Gnostic Movement if you have not obtained these values. To be in the Gnostic Movement means to have paid the price for it, to be here is not free of charge. Everyone who enters here, everyone who affiliates and forms part of a second chamber or becomes a missionary, is so because he has certain values. Many things are hidden behind that rough, humble, intellectual, or common personality. I have been learning that little by little through Gnostic revelation.

I arrived to these Gnostic studies, like any other simple student, to listen to a public lecture, to form part of a rst chamber. I entered into second chamber and was always under the negative opinion I had of myself, thinking—for example—that I did not have an astral body, so therefore I shouldn’t have an important oneiric experience because I did not have the mentioned vehicle fabricated. I was convinced I was the worst, and surely I was not mistaken about this, but I was ignorant of so many good things about my Being, leaving an opening to always think or believe the worst of myself.

And when one reads the Master’s books, it is even worse still because you think entirely negatively about yourself. We do not realize that when Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor made a particular comment, it was not only a judgment of what was around him, of what was happening in society, it was also a self-criticism. I repeat, many times the way Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor writes confuses people, it’s misinterpreted, as if he is always judging and criticizing humanity, until you realize that he is speaking a lot about himself.

I insist on this: it is necessary to know how to read Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor and to also discover that in his writings, he is ridiculing himself, self-criticizing, he is publicly presenting his errors, his failures as much as his triumphs. He is not simply speaking to us and to all of humanity. Lamentably, we have a bad translator inside who poorly translates what Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor teaches in his books about the “I”.

That is also why I want to emphasize in this whole reflection that in the Gnostic Movement, hidden under the guise of common people, are many interesting souls. With that I am saying, for example, that many early Christians who lived before, during, and after the arrival of Jesus or Masters such as Judas and many other masters, are today found forming part of the Gnostic Movement. We can also and people in the Gnostic Movement who formed part of secret spiritual orders, who stood out in cultures like the Egyptian or Mayan, from this or that part of the world.

With all of this I have come to the conclusion that Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor is gathering the best values of humanity in the International Gnostic Movement, but at the same time the worst. And I will explain the reason why. It is because there are a good amount of fallen Bodhisattvas in the Gnostic Movement, rebel-souls who have decided not to die. Many of them are trapped in horizontal life and do not decide to abandon that way of life, to change it, to live in another way. And that is why seeing the Gnostic Movement from the outside, it appears with a facade that is a little sad, a little grey, superficial, of little transcendence, because we ignore that behind that guise of an apparently common man or woman, which is a Gnostic brother of the Twentieth or Twenty- first century, are hidden many brethren of forgone times, and who “do not know that they do not know,” “ignorant that they are ignorant” that what they are living in the Gnostic teachings today, they have already known and have lived long, long before.

For that reason I have learned to feel a great respect for each student, for each person or brother who passes through the Gnostic studies, if they stay or not; comprehending that the Gnostic aspirant is the best and the worst at the same time for this natural selection that is being made at a world level by the Avatar of this Aryan fifth root race, the Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor.

This allows me to not only comprehend the Gnostic community in general, but also the work itself of the Avatar, of the supreme commander V.M. Samael Aun Weor, who in his mission is not only gathering common people, people of this modern time of the Kali-Yuga, but also behind these human masks are hidden many souls, very particular essences, who have already lived Gnosis in the past, and if they are here once again, it is because of the spiritual values they have conquered. That is why they are always a hope for their own Beings. I do not want to forget what I am transmitting now in this second part for anything in the world.

This is the third time, in the years that we have been doing a mission, in which I decide to open myself completely to present my own experiences about astral travel. I do not know when the next time will be, but I think that the missionaries who already have experiences with this should do the same thing with their students, in order to awaken hope in them; the yearning that this is possible, and to not hide astral experiences so much, to the point that we all have the impression that it is practically impossible to experience it.

I accept that this runs the risk of mythomania, self- worship, and paranoia. Yet we have to also learn to walk dangerously. We have to learn to walk with two feet; we have to know how to support ourselves in good and evil so as to and the middle way. And this is how we stimulate the essence, the soul of these brethren—within which are hidden those spiritual values conquered in the past with so much sacrifice and that cannot express completely. This is essentially due to the modern personality of this Kali-Yuga, the Kalkian personality that impedes the student himself from self-discovering, from knowing himself.

To conclude, with the false personality or Kalkian personality made purely of vanity, envy, jealousy, preoccupations, etc., it is normal that we have an erroneous opinion of ourselves, which is completely negative, that impedes the Being from freely expressing in us.

I am going to continue with what I was relating about “Astral Experience and the Death of the ‘I’,’’ with a program that I prepared specially, thus I will have to be brief now when I tell each one of the astral experiences so I can manage to complete this second part well, and as we said in the introduction, to also be able to have a third part to address the death of the “I” from the point of view of astral travel.

Gnostic Master